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Our Instructors

Mr Darren Spruce

Mr Spruce has been a member of the team since 2012 and was recently awarded his 3rd dan black belt. He teaches classes in Widnes on a Saturday and is always on hand for help and advice.

Mr Spruce is a well liked member of the team and his attention to detail with the children is one of his strong qualities.

You will also see Mr Spruce leading classes in Sankey.

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Mr Larkin has been involved in the schools since 2011 when his daughter Anna Mai started in mighty matts. He was sat on the sidelines and eventually started training and working on his journey to Black Belt.

Mr Larkin has a wealth of knowledge and experience from a number of martial arts inluding Kung Fu, Weapons and karate.

You will see Mr Larkin assisting Master James in Sankey and St Helens and he has just started his own Wednesday night club in St Helens.

Mr Ryan Clark

Mr Clark (the flash) has been training since January 2005 and was one of the founding members in Sankey. Ryan has coped with his Aspergers syndrome since a young age and has not let this dampen his desire to become an Instructor.

Ryan is one of the most inspirational students and Instructors we have in the schools and I have no doubt that he will triumph over any diversity he will have in his life

You will see Ryan leading classes and assisting Master James  in Sankey.