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Leadership Programme

What is the Leadership Programme?

The Leadership Programme focuses on the development of Leadership through the martial arts. It’s available to students invited to enrol by their instructors. Special classes have been set up to help Leadership students achieve their goals. This is our premier martial arts programme. You’ll learn new martial arts skills, such as: Nunchukas, Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do, Tonfa, Escrima, Ju Jitsu, Aikido and lots more.

Why hasn't my child been chosen?

This is a new programme and we’re working through the student body as you read this page. If you wish your child to be considered for the Leadership Programme please register your interest with your Instructor.

How will being a member of the Leadership Programme affect my current timetable?

There may be some minor changes to your timetable. We’ll keep you informed of these should they occur.

What are the benefits of the Leadership Programme?

Special seminars, advanced weapon training, Special Uniform, SWAT team invitations, future staff members and Instructor invitations – but most importantly leadership life skills, consisting of 12 units run throughout the year.


Junior Certified Instructor Training Course 

What is it?

  •  Learn to be a leader in all aspects of life
  • Skills to hep assist your Instructor  
  • Learn to inspire & motivate young students
  • Skills / drills to teach young students

Who is it For?

  • Students aged 10-15yrs
  • Students who have been identified by their Instructor has having amazing potential
  • Students that are role models in their classes

What's Next?

  • Full A.C.I.T. Course
  • Run and own your own school from 16yrs