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Welcome to Matt Fiddes Cheshire, a martial arts school focused on family, friendship, team work and discipline.

Matt Fiddes Cheshire was established by Master Steve James, a 4th Dan Black belt with a passion for martial arts and promoting the benefits of martial arts - Fitness, Discipline, Focus, Friendship and creating a sense of family within the school. Working with children from age of 3 through to adults and a leadership school that develops the teachers of tomorrow Matt Fiddes Cheshire teaches in a unique way promoting fun, self confidence and self control and ensuring that each session is different whilst carrying through the structure of martial arts teaching.


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Our Team

One of the clear strengths that we have is that our leadership team has been developed from within meaning that all of our teachers have been through each stage of training and started just like you as a novice with an interest in fitness, fun and learning new skills.

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Our Clubs

Matt Fiddes, Widnes,

The Wids Rugby Club,

Heath Lane

Widnes, WA8 7NU


Matt Fiddes Great Sankey,

Barrowhall Primary School

Sophia Drive

Great Sankey WA5 3TX



Matt Fiddes Woolston,

Monk Sports Club

Holes Lane

Woolston WA1 4NF


Matt Fiddes, St. Helens,

Sutton Cricket & Tennis Club,

New Street

St. Helens, WA9 3UU


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News & Updates

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 3rd                            -               First classes back in Widnes

7th                            -               Instructor Training Widnes 10-1130am

14th & 15th               -               Instructor Recruitment Weekend (Manchester)

28th                          -               North Panel Grading (Peace Centre)


4th                            -               Instructor training Widnes 10-1130am

18th                          -               Celebration Race Night Widnes 7pm onwards


 4th                            -               Gradings in Great Sankey School

11th                          -               Southampton Panel Grading (Southampton)

31st – 2nd April         -               National Instructor / Franchise Training Weekend at Butilns, Minehead

2nd April                   -               National Instructor Grading (as part of above event)


 8th                            -               Instructor training Widnes 10-1130am

14th-17th                -               Closed for Easter Holidays

30th                          -               South-West Championships (Taunton)


6th                            -               South Championships (Reading)

7th                            -               South-East Championships (East Grinstead)

13th                          -               Instructor training Widnes 10-1130am

21st                          -               Northern Championships (Penrith)


 3rd                            -               Instructor training Widnes 10-1130am

17th                         -               Gradings in Great Sankey School


1st                            -               North Panel Grading (Peace Centre)

8th                            -               Instructor training Widnes 10-1130am


1-8th                                     -                       Summer Shutdown


 2nd                           -               instructor training Widnes 10-1130am

16th                         -               Gradings in Great Sankey School

30th                          -               North Panel Grading (Peace Centre)


 7th                            -               Instructor training Widnes 10-1130am

25th – 7th Nov          -               MF Australia visit


3rd                            -               National Instructor / Business Training (Worcester – tbc)

4th                            -               World Championships (Worcester – tbc)

11th                         -               Instructor training Widnes 10-1130am


2nd                           -               Instructor training Widnes 10-1130am

9th                            -               Gradings in Great Sankey School

20th                          -               Last class for Xmas Shutdown


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