Matt Fiddes Martial Arts Cheshire was established by Master Steve James in September 2004 and progressed to be one of the leading professional schools in the North of England.

Team Cheshire currently have 3 schools in St Helens, Warrington and Widnes with over 200 active students.

The team is lead by Master Steve James who was recently awarded his 5th Dan Black Belt by taekwondo legend Grandmaster Frank Murphy. Steve started Karate at the age of 9 under the watchful eye and guidance of his father, 8th Dan Karate legend Doug James. He trained for 8 years progressing through the grades whilst studying hard in school and college. Steve had an amazing career in the Leisure Industry before starting his Matt Fiddes Franchise in September 2004.

The team consists of a group of fully qualified Instructors who have all come through the Certified Instructor training course and most of the team are parents of children who train every week under Steve.

Matt Fiddes Cheshire core values of Education, Inspiration, Encouragement, Respect and Discipline are taught to the children every class and the team have produced over 100 Black Belts over the 15 years of classes.

Steve himself was inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 2014 and has been in Martial Arts Illustrated Magazine.



Mr Darren Spruce has been leading and assisting in classes for the last couple of years and is taking his teaching and coaching to a new level. He is well liked within the schools and he commands respect from the students. Mr Spruce started training after watching his son Jonathan training and progressing through his belts. Mr Spruce is currently a 3rd Dan Black Belt and is starting to work towards his Mastership.

Mr Andrew Marshall is currently working through his apprenticeship with Master James. Andrew started training in 2012 and is currently a 2nd Dan Black Belt. Andrew finishes his apprenticeship in September 2019 and is looking to start his own MF clubs under the guidance and support of Master James. Andrew currently leads the mighty matts on a Friday and assists in Widnes and Sankey. 

Assistant and Junior Instructors:

Owen Ross, Sam Ross, Amy Dobie, Keenan Lomax, Beth Howard Hughes

Day Start End Ages Class
Tuesday 16:30 17:15 3 – 6 Mighty Matts BOOK NOW
Tuesday 17:30 18:30 6 – 11 Junior Karate BOOK NOW
Tuesday 18:30 19:30 12+  Adults BOOK NOW
Tuesday 19:30 20:00 12+ Advanced BOOK NOW
Friday 16:30 17:15 3 – 6 Mighty Mats BOOK NOW
Saturday 10:00 11:00 6+ Family Martial Arts class BOOK NOW


Mr Ryan Clark is one of the founding members of Matt Fiddes Warrington starting in January 2005. Mr Clark leads classes in Sankey on a Wednesday and a Sunday and is currently a 3rd Dan Black Belt. Mr Clark was diagnosed with Asperger’s in 2009 and has never let that interfere with his goals. He is currently working towards his degree in Sport studies and his 4th degree black belt.


Miss Charlotte Geoghegan has been training within the MF schools since 2007 and is currently a 3rd Dan Black Belt. She assists on a Sunday morning and is a well liked member of the team. Charlotte has competed at the Northern and National Champs over the years and has won numerous titles.



Mr Josh Lawton has been training since 2012 and has now come on board with the team in a part time assistant role. Josh has been training hard on his championship perfomances and is currently the Northern Champion in sparring and was runner up in the British Champs 2018. Josh is currently training towards his 3rd Dan.

Assistant and Junior Instructors:

Tom Welch, Megan Banner, Charlie Lightfoot, John Welch, Cath Baguley, Charlie Millington, Richard Thwaites, Stuart Smith, Morgan Hindle, Lily Welch  and Ella James 

Wednesday17:0017:303 – 6Mighty MattsBOOK NOW
Wednesday17:3018:306+Family Martial ArtsBOOK NOW
Thursday17:0017:453 – 6Mighty MattsBOOK NOW
Thursday17:4518:456 – 12JuniorsBOOK NOW
Thursday18:4519:307+Leadership ClassBOOK NOW
Thursday19:3020:3012+Adult kickboxingBOOK NOW
Sunday09:3010:153 – 6Mighty MattsBOOK NOW
Sunday10:1511:156+Family Martial ArtsBOOK NOW
Sunday11:1512:007+Leadership ClassBOOK NOW


Mr Steve Larkin leads the St Helens school and with Master James has transformed the school. Mr Larkin has a wealth of knowledge having studied a wide range of martial arts over the years. Mr Larkin is currently a 1st Degree Black Belt and started training after sitting on the side lines watching his daughter Anna-Mai. A wizard with the weapons, Mr Larkin is an integral part of the team.

Assistant and Junior Instructors:

Anna-Mai Larkin, Ella James, Louis James, Keenan Lomax, Charlie Millington

Monday17:0017:453 – 6Mighty MattsBOOK NOW
Monday17:4518:456 – 12JuniorsBOOK NOW
Monday18:4519:307+LeadershipBOOK NOW
Wednesday17:0017:453 – 6Mighty MattsBOOK NOW
Wednesday17:4518:456 – 16Juniors KarateBOOK NOW

Runcorn, Hillview Primary School, Beechwood Ave, Runcorn

Monday18:0018:453 – 6Mighty MattsBOOK NOW
Monday18:4520:006+FamilyBOOK NOW
Wednesday18:0018:453 – 6Mighty MattsBOOK NOW
Wednesday18:4520:006+FamilyBOOK NOW

Altrincham - Bowdon Parish Centre, Stamford Rd, Bowdon, Altrincham

Monday16:3017:153 – 6Mighty MattsBOOK NOW
Monday17:1518:156+FamilyBOOK NOW
Monday18:1518:507+LeadershipBOOK NOW

Radcliffe- Radcliffe Leisure Centre, spring lane, radcliffe

Saturday10:0011:006+FamilyBOOK NOW

Warrington Town- Bold Street Methodist Church, Warrington

Tuesday17:3018:153 – 5Mighty MattsBOOK NOW
Tuesday18:3019:306+FamilyBOOK NOW
Saturday9:3010:153 – 5Mighty MattsBOOK NOW
Saturday10:3011:306+FamilyBOOK NOW


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Testimonials 5

My daughters Maddy and Eloise have been attending classes at Matt Fiddes Martial Arts Cheshire for about six years now.  As a parent I find their training has developed their strength of character, commitment, knowledge of self-defence and the importance of staying in shape.  In every class they work hard while having fun – they have built a friendship group and look forward to their classes every week.  They have a true sense of success in what they have achieved. 

Kate Mccarthy- Booth

Joshua started training with Master James when he was 3 years old back in 2013, Joshua is now nearly 9 and has competed and won many medals in the Northern Championships as well as now being a red belt. The achievements and skill level are great however, it is the superb ability to lead that Master James has, his empathy and coaching skills that really make him stand out. Joshua has always had lots of energy and Master James has fostered that and allowed Joshua to be himself whilst nurturing him to his full potential. The environment is positive and promotes respect whilst having a warmth to it and mast James seeks to understand all his pupils as individuals. He is motivations and inspires the team to achieve – I could not recommend it highly enough and it has really helped Joshua build his confidence and belief in himself.  Throughout Joshua’s 6 years there, he has always loved attending and he has developed so much under the care of Master James.

Our younger son, Charlie now attends as well and has since he was3, he is now 4 and is just about to grade for his Orange belt. The grading system gives the children confidence and an opportunity to be recognised for their hard work. The whole system builds self-esteem and is an excellent setting to build physical fitness and techniques but also a mental agility and self-confidence.

I cannot recommend the club highly enough, the whole ethos and positive energy is superb.

Testimonials 4

My son James joined Matt Fiddes in 2012. He had been wanting to learn martial arts for a long time but I had struggled to find a class as most instructors would not entertain him due to his autism. Master James did not even make this an issue. He put James at ease immediately and, over the years has helped James to develop his skills, respect and confidence. 6 years on and now on the leadership course, James  is thriving at Matt Fiddes and his fitness levels have greatly improved.

My young daughter’s Ruby and Grace have recently joined the junior class. One of my daughters had a real issue with confidence but within a few classes she has had a real boost and even says “I wish I could go every day!”

The children enjoy their classes so much and after watching his siblings having so much fun,  my youngest son is now ready to join the Matt Fiddes family.

Testimonials 3

Our daughter Emma has been with matt fiddes for 7 years and is now a second dan. We wanted Emma to join to gain confidence and grow in herself. She has much respect for herself and those around her.

It’s made her very self disciplined in her school work and home life. We would highly recommend matt fiddes.

Testimonials 2

Dylan started with Matt Fiddes when he was 4 after deciding he wanted to be a Power Ranger when he grew up, 18 months down the line and he no longer has the Power Ranger dream, but he still absolutely loves his martial arts. He takes such pride in his progression, with every belt comes a beaming smile and a visit to all of his family to share the news, the pinnacle coming when he got student of the year 2018! He’s about to go for his first competition as he moves onwards and upwards through the program and we are all excited to see how far he goes.

Master James is amazing, the kids adore him and he’s always on hand with advice and support.

It’s always the highlight of the week for Dylan, and I love hearing all about his new moves. Signing him up was one of the best decisions we have made.